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Sungshin Women's University, with the motto of 'Sincere, Intelligent, and Independent Women' has vowed to educate 'creative Sungshin people' who can contribute to their mother country and local community.

Sungshin Women's University is continued to focus its education specifically specialized in 'culture' and 'health and welfare'. With 'Sungshin Vision 2025: Dream, Happiness, and Bright Sungshin', Sungshin Women's University strives hard to realize the following three goals: 1) Nurturing a talneted people leading future ICT service and software industry, 2) Innovating school service embracing students' need, 3) Creating added value of Sungshin University contributing to the industries and local communities.

Sungshin Women's University would like to become a leading university in art and cultural studies, health and welfare studies in K-MOOC program, and further to create a culture that anyone can study anything at anywhere.