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Daegu University is a beautiful university which has achieved remarkable development and achievements based on its founding principles of love, light, and freedom.

Daegu University, for the last 60 years since its foundation, has produced talented graduates who contribute to national development based on their humanity toward public welfare to consider and respect minority neighbors, their passion to break through crisis and hardship, and their enterprising spirit to create new history. In the future, Daegu University will devote itself as a renowned and prestigious private institute to produce the 21st century's advanced talents who will bring glory locally, nationally, and internationally.

Daegu University loves and respects its students. It also strives to be responsible for students' future happiness with its advancing education, career, and research supporting systems. <A University where Students are Happy> This is the new vision and paradigm that Daegu University is pioneering for Korea's university education.

This does not limit the meaning at strengthening its service for students. This means the fundamental innovation of university management paradigm and at the same time is a pledge of its willpower to lead the transition of paradigm in Korea's university education. We will continuously upgrade our paradigm of student-centered university management until our cherished students agree that we are providing the nation's best support service in all aspects including helping students to embrace cultures as 21st-century leaders, assisting students to train major-related skills, providing living and learning conveniences, and supporting students' preparations for employment.

<A University where Students Are Happy> Daegu University will make students' dreams and ideals come true.